Fun With English For Pupils and Teachers in Kuwait

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Annual Planning (New)

Learning Unit Plans (New)

Lesson plans (New)


An amazing gift for the talented teachers who use the language Lab


Inside, you will find:

* The English curriculum organized according to semesters/ periods/ units.


* The audio files of each unit with the page and exercise number.

audio files

* The vocab video of each unit.

vocab video

* Videos and video songs relating to the topic/ vocab/ new structure.


* Interactive exercises.

Interactive exercises

* For grades one and two; the letter sounds/ diphthongs/ digraphs presented in a fun and engaging way.

letter soundsDiphthongsDigraphs

* New files are being added occasionally.


Improve your students’ reading skills

An amazing video collection that’ll jump start your students’ ability to read

cover photo

Inside, you will find:

* Phonics

Think Read Write 1&2: a fun and engaging way of teaching the letter sounds, diphthongs and digraphs.

Think Read Write 1 Think Read Write 2

Three letter words: a variety of three letter words presented with beautiful graphics.

three letter words

Blending: blending has never been more fun.


* Alphabet cards

Teach each letter sound with a number of words beginning with it.

 alphabet cards

* Sight words

Encourage your students to memorize these words as a whole by sight.

 sight words

* Talking flashcards

A stunning group of vocabulary videos covering a variety of topics.

 talking flashcards

* Verbs

An entertaining way of teaching verbs with short phrases.



* New files are being added occasionally.



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